Enthuse is an entertainment website covering music, games, movies, and more. Our goal is to create a place where writers and content creators can combine their efforts to effectively express their voices. We hope to build a support network of creators through which we can create and share reviews, editorials, podcasts, and videos.


Caleb Fox, President


Caleb is a fourth year journalism major and aspiring writer. He is a lover of cinema, television, live music, comics, literature, dogs, curling, and food. A Bat-fan for life.



Ashley Freimark, Vice President 


Ashley is a professional communications student at MacEwan. When she is not in school she works in community theatre and entertainment, and was also a radio jockey for Fort Saskatchewan’s MIX 107.9. Her main interests lie in film, theatre, music and games; basically, anything that helps to make life just a bit more entertaining. Ashley is excited to write for Enthuse and hopes she can help bring her own creative flair in representing the entertainment industry.

Sara Clements, Editor in Chief

Sara is a journalism major at MacEwan. When not busy with studies, she can be found playing video games or watching old movies. She aspires to one day write about cinema for a living, or work as Eva Green’s assistant.

Michelle Guthrie, Chief Creative Officer 


Michelle has a deep infatuation with live music. Some of her many favourite live artists include Arkells, Mother Mother, and Bleachers. She enjoys keeping up with the latest music trends and queuing outside of venues hours before shows. Michelle is a recent journalism grad who has interned and freelanced for Metro News. She plans to become a music journalist.


Daniel Salé, Secretary

Unknown-4Daniel is a professional communications student at MacEwan Univeristy, but don’t feel bad, he doesn’t really know what that means either. He is a huge science-fiction and fantasy fan, and can often be found complaining about The Hobbit trilogy and referencing Star Trek whenever possible.


Guuto Dolal, Treasurer 


Guuto is a Bachelor of Commerce student at MacEwan. He is a film writer, and has adored movies for as long as he can remember. Growing up, his favourite place to be was the movie theatre, and claims that it still is. He enjoys discussing hip-hop and alternative rock albums of the past and present. His interests also include sports, video games, and writing.


Heather Gunn, Social Media Editor  


Heather is currently a fourth year journalism major who has a love for all things entertainment, especially music. When she’s not updating various social media accounts or writing about music for Enthuse, she is usually rocking out at a concert, or watching the newest series on Netflix. She hopes to one day work in pop culture and music journalism.


Michelle Guthrie, Music Editor 

Ashley Freimark, Video Games Editor

Chris Ranta, Film/TV Editor

Chris is a self-described film snob and resident David Lynch historian. He has displayed an uncanny expertise of Twin Peaks and a concerning obsession with Kyle MacLachlan. In his spare time, he can be found making hour-long Snapchat stories set to R. Kelly’s Bump ‘n’ Grind.


Jeric Salvador, Writer


Jeric is a journalism major at MacEwan University and co-founder of Enthuse. He is an avid gamer and film buff who aims to become a creative jack of all trades. This self-described control freak has little time to write as he’s taken the reins of everything he doesn’t trust other people to do, such as graphic art or audio editing.


Lucas Kowalik, Writer


Lucas is a Bachelor of Commerce student majoring in accounting at MacEwan. He is hopelessly obsessed with physical forms of media and has an ever-growing collection of records, CDs, and Blu-Rays to prove it. If you run into him, it is likely he will ask you to list off your top five rappers dead or alive. He is primarily a hip-hop writer at Enthuse, but he also enjoys discussing a variety of music genres and films.


Photos courtesy of Sam Oleschuk.