Getting Festive with the Hilarious New Comedy ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’

The sequel to last year’s hit comedy, Bad Moms, finds Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn once again rebelling against the idea of being the perfect mom. This time around, they’re also fighting the notion that they must give their families a perfect Christmas.

Helmed by returning directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, A Bad Moms Christmas proves once again that the holidays are the most stressful time of year, so the moms try to erase the pressure by deciding to “take Christmas back.” Their plan seems headed for failure right from the get-go as their own “Bad Moms” come to town: Christine Baranski is Kunis’ perfectionist psycho mom, Cheryl Hines is Bell’s obsessive and clingy mom, and Susan Sarandon rounds out the newcomers as Hahn’s constantly intoxicated mom.

This early look at Hollywood’s film filled holiday season is better and funnier than its predecessor. The film elicits laughter throughout its entire run-time, delivering one gut-busting joke after another. The dialogue is solid with every joke landing perfectly, mostly thanks to the “Grandmas” since they provide the best bits of hilarity; they are the stars.

Baranski is the best out of the bunch, delivering the strongest dialogue of the film. Hines is similarly funny, as her character’s excellent line delivery and overall uncomfortable behaviour results in nothing but laughter from the audience. Sarandon, though also providing some of the best comedy, is lacking, as she has the least screen-time out of the three.

The cast is supported by a surprise musical performance by Kenny G and some quips from Wanda Sykes, returning as a therapist who offers hilariously bad advice to Bell’s character about how to deal with her exceedingly attached mother.

As much as Lucas and Moore’s latest is a silly and raunchy comedic thrill, it also manages to have the same amount of heart that comes with other Christmas films. The chaotic dynamics of dysfunctional families aren’t new to the genre, but the similarity of this film’s message with those of other yuletide favourites presents aspects of what the holiday spirit is, and in that regard, A Bad Moms Christmas is a typical holiday offering. Despite all their mothers’ eccentricities, the “Bad Moms” manage to remind the audience what Christmas is all about: learning to accept and love your family for who they are. 

A Bad Moms Christmas is one of the best comedies of the year, and a feel-good movie that every mother and daughter should see this weekend—it will offer them laughs, and their first fix of holiday cheer.

Grade: A

(Featured Image: A Bad Moms Christmas, STX Films)

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