‘The Booty Tape’ Review: Thanks Ugly God

The Booty Tape is the long-awaited debut from 2017 XXL Freshman Ugly God, best known for his viral single “Water” which closes off this album. While many contemporary rappers take themselves very seriously, Ugly God is exactly the opposite. His music is just a form of comedy for him, characterized by hilariously vulgar and pornographic lyrics. But somehow this all manages to translate into a listen that is very entertaining, albeit quite short at just under 24 minutes.

As an emcee, Ugly God is surprisingly talented. He presents a variety of flows all with decent breath control. On “Welcome to The Booty Tape” he kicks off the project with a speedy Migos-esque flow which is chock full of quotables. This only a mere taste of what is to come, with Ugly God getting even more ridiculous on the next track “Stop Smoking Black & Milds.” Here he thinks smoking this brand of cigars is disgusting and he spends the track savagely roasting this female for smoking them. The only problem with this it is that it definitely could have been longer, having not even hit the 2-minute mark.

But the real standout is the self-depreciating “F*ck Ugly God.” He delivers the track at the edge of his vocal range while yelling insults at himself in the third person. The chorus is simple yet effective, managing to weave itself into your ear after merely one listen. While his insults are primarily comical, he also touches on growing up poor, being left out of social circles, and getting beat up on Halloween. But the personal jabs don’t stop there, with Ugly God going at the size of his genitalia on “L.D.C.” which stands for “Little Dick Clique.”

Coincidentally, the only real dud is the only one with a featured artist, “No Lies” with Wiz Khalifa. Ugly holds his own here, crafting a catchy chorus and a decent enough verse. The real problem is Wiz’s trash lines, which totally ruin the track. Most of it doesn’t rhyme, and his cringeworthy jokes mostly fall flat.

Apart from penning hilarious bars, Ugly God also handles most the production here. While many of the beats are your typical Metro Boomin’ flavoured trap beats, Ugly God also has some moments of brilliance. The most unique instrumental is found on “I’m A Nasty Hoe” which gives off extreme déjà vu of a new wave song (think early Pet Shop Boys). He needs to make more beats like this because no one else is doing anything like this.

The biggest problem with this project is just how short the tracks are. There is often not enough time for the concept to be explored making the songs feel half-baked. Ugly God still manages to make the listener laugh their ass off, but it does feel like he is holding back sometimes. Hopefully he turns his vulgarity up to 11 on his next project. Until then, give The Booty Tape a couple listens and thanks Ugly God.

Grade: B-

Recommended Tracks:

“Stop Smoking Black & Milds”
“I’m a Nasty Hoe”
“F*ck Ugly God”

(Featured Image: The Booty Tape, Asylum Records)

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