Knight’s & Magic Episode 1 Review

The summer anime season has begun and new series Knight’s & Magic blends both mecha and fantasy genres into a fascinating world. It has a promising first episode, despite a frustrating three-year rush of story progression.

The anime oddly begins in our world with a mecha otaku who is a genius programmer, who after shopping for his figure collection, dies from a car accident. Just like that, he is reincarnated as Ernesti Echevarria, a nine year old boy in a completely new world.  Despite the odd and interesting premise, the first episode doesn’t reflect on his past life again. It’s as if he forgot about his old self and became this new identity. It’s a shame because this could have been an engaging character piece.

What he does remember though is that he has a love for robots and when he is saved by the mecha using Silhouette Knights, he is obsessed with joining them. Due to his prior intelligence from being a genius programmer, Ernesti is incredibly smart, almost to a fault. Could he turn into a Mary Sue from this intelligence he has? Throughout the first episode, he is able to fight monsters well above his size, and has incredible success in school. He seems to have no baggage from his past self and shows no signs of weakness. Another issue is that the plot quickly progresses from one stage to another. It skips three years of Ernesti finding out about the world around him and experiencing his academy life, and as aforementioned, it doesn’t give any insight on his past life. It rushes through two or three potential episodes worth of story, which is likely because they want to rush to the mecha and magic action sequences.

Hopefully, as Knight’s and Magic progresses, we’ll see more depth to Ernesti, but right now, the world seems promising with its seemly deep lore and strange magic and mecha hybrid.

Knight's and Magic (2)
(Knight’s & Magic, 8-Bit)

Knight’s & Magic‘s animation is decent. The locales are well illustrated, and the CG of the robots successfully blends with the hand drawn animations. Facial expressions lack detail and characters have a plain look to them, but the spells that are cast are unique as kanji signs are imbued within the elements, such as fire and lightning. Also, the monster designs so far are creative while threatening to the heroes.

The Japanese voice acting of Knight’s & Magic is spot on, with no overly annoying childrens’ voices or bland deliveries from the cast. The main character also sounds fittingly chirpy as he lives out his dream of being in a mecha anime. The music by Masato Kouda (known for his work on Capcom’s Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter) is delightful during the brief battle scene at the end of the episode with an exciting orchestral score that has promise in more elaborate mecha fights.

As this is just the first episode, we can’t go too in depth into how the anime will shake out, but so far the unique mecha/magic world, decent animation, and good voice acting are a sign this can be a blast. Let’s just hope they develop the characters further as the season progresses.

Grade: B-

(Featured Image: Knight’s & Magic, 8-Bit)

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