Single Drop: Lorde, BANNERS, Boy Epic, and Miley Cyrus


Welcome to the first edition of Enthuse Music’s Single Drop! Every Friday, Enthuse writers, editors, and music nerds Caleb Fox, Michelle Guthrie, and Heather Gunn will discuss new singles that have been released each week. In this edition, Lorde has us ready for her new album, BANNERS makes a welcome return with a new release, Miley Cyrus is singing for charity, and we’re intrigued by a new voice in the young and mysterious Boy Epic. 

Lorde – “Sober”
By Michelle Guthrie

Lorde has been the most anticipated comeback artist this year, since her debut album Pure Heroine blew the music scene out of the water in 2013. Her follow up Melodrama is set to drop Jun. 16, and so far, the young New Zealand artist has dropped five singles. Last night “Sober” released, the final single before the full album comes out. It features a rhythmic pop beat with sharp drums and ascending trumpets during the chorus. It’s layered with syncopated vocals that act as the backing to the track, and ripples with whispers throughout.

It’s a song about losing your mind in the spotlight of fame. It’s about relentless, carefree partying but facing the consequences once you sober up. It’s very much a song that embodies everything that Lorde did between Pure Heroine and now. This is one release you don’t want to miss.


BANNERS – “Someone to You”
By Caleb Fox

Back in February, English Musician Michael Nelson, who performs as BANNERS, brought his phenomenal live show to Edmonton. During that tour, he debuted a new song, “Someone to You” which he said would be his next single. Fast forward to today, and that single has finally dropped. The wait will be worthwhile to Nelson’s fans; the new song fits in perfectly with his existing body of work. Nelson’s music always comes across as earnest and genuine, and this track is no exception.

Nelson’s warm and recognizable voice brings the song to life while he sings about his desire to find someone to share his life with: “And if the sun’s upset and the sky goes cold / Then if the clouds get heavy and start to fall / I really need somebody to call my own / I wanna be somebody to someone.” It may come across as a sad sentiment, as Nelson laments that “I never had nobody and no road home,” but the upbeat music, catchy hook, indie-pop style percussion, and sing-along inviting chorus keeps the song feeling more like a summer jam than an emotional ballad. Nelson isn’t languishing in loneliness, but rather capturing that universally human desire for someone to feel close to. It’s the kind of song that’s highly relatable and feels anthemic. “Someone to You” continues to prove that BANNERS’ rising star is shining a light on the music industry.

The single isn’t currently available on BANNERS’ YouTube channel, but can be found on Apple Music and Spotify.

 Miley Cyrus – “Inspired”
By Heather Gunn

Miley Cyrus released her new single, “Inspired,” after already performing it live on several occasions. We’re not sure if it will be on her new album, as she’s alluded to its inclusion, but hasn’t confirmed it yet.

Cyrus, in an Instagram post, has said that the single is meant to celebrate Pride month. She did not collaborate on the song, instead writing the whole track herself.  A portion of all proceeds from the single will go to her foundation “Happy Hippie,” which Cyrus founded a few years ago to help homeless and struggling LGBTQ youth (especially transgender youth).

“Inspired” is a slower, meaningful song that many of her fans on social media are calling a newer, and more personal version of her song “The Climb,” which she released back when she was still a teenager. With this track, it feels like Cyrus is going back to her roots; it contains country elements, but still feels like pop at its core. It’s a great single for a great cause, and highly worth checking out.

Boy Epic – “Trust”
By Caleb Fox

Who on Earth is Boy Epic? There’s not a lot of information available about the young musician from Dallas, Texas. In fact, we don’t even know what his real name is. According to his Facebook page, his genre is “cinematic alternative” and he is just “a character living in [his] own movie.” On streaming services such as Apple Music, he has only four singles in his discography (though there’s a lot more music available on his YouTube channel, including some really fantastic covers and short films made up of music videos), the most current of which is the newly released “Trust.”

What we do know, is that the young man seems to be carrying a real talent beneath his mystique. “Trust” is an exciting single that infuses the electronic elements of his alternative style with big brassy horns, all while Boy Epic shows off the height of his range; the song plays like a modernized take on a classic Bond theme, and it sounds almost, well…epic.

His devilish handsomeness, and the action themed music video which accompanies the track, further adds to the air of Bond styling surrounding the song. However, whether or not you’re a 007 fanatic, “Trust” is a strong addition to Boy Epic’s collection of singles, and he seems like an artist worth keeping track of.

That does it for this week’s edition! Let us know what you think of these tracks, and give us your new music recommendations. Come back next Friday to find out which new singles are making the rounds in the headphones of the Enthuse staff!

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