Gucci Mane and Metro Boomin’s ‘DropTopWop’ Lives up to Potential

DropTopWop is a collaborative mixtape between trap legend Gucci Mane and the hottest producer right now, Metro Boomin. While Metro has produced tracks for Gucci in the past, this is the first time they have done a full project together. Fans of both artists have been long anticipating this collab and it manages to exceed expectations.

Ever since Gucci got out of prison last year he seems to be focusing even more on his music and it really shows here. His newfound sobriety has resulted in a much more coherent mic presence and overall increased quality of emceeing. He is also expanding the topics he raps about and even gets personal.

On this project, Gucci provides tight flows that are not only tough as nails, but also quite witty. There are moments where he will seriously make you laugh out loud like on “Hurt A N***a Feelings” where he calls himself a shrink for selling so many anti-depressants. Not only is Gucci consistently great across the tape, but he provides a variety of flows. On the first three tracks he comes in with aggressive flows but on the next three tracks switches to a more laid back approach.

Metro Boomin may be the most desirable producer in the industry but his instrumentals often come off as excessive and monotonous. But here he manages to subdue his style a bit which pairs well with Gucci’s laid back personality. Not only does the cover pay homage to Clipse’s Lord Willin’, but Metro seems have taken inspiration from The Neptunes. One of the best instrumentals on the project is on “Hurt A N***a Feelings.” The track is laced with these haunting keys that make it sound like a trap Liquid Swords.

The one substantial grievance with Metro’s production is his over-use of producer tags. It’s understandable to use them on singles but it seems ridiculous when you produce every track on the tape, plus Gucci shouts out Metro on near every track. What makes it even more obnoxious is some tracks feature multiple watermarks when it is clear by listening that it’s a Metro beat. Although it doesn’t ruin the listening experience, it feels patronizing that the producer needs to constantly remind us that it is his beat.

This tape has only four featured artists, all of which add to their respective tracks. The first is Offset on the standout track “Met Gala” and is only time a feature outshines Gucci. It is similar in structure to “Bad and Boujee” with Offset delivering an extended opening verse and dominating the chorus. Gucci seems to have taken some inspiration from Migos because he sounds quite similar to Quavo in his verse.

“Both Eyes Closed” features short and sweet verses from 2 Chainz and Young Dolph. As per usual, 2 Chainz drops some comical lines like “sell my cousin some Adderall cause he takin’ his finals.” The final feature is Rick Ross on the tape’s closer “Loss 4 Wrdz” who spits a hot sixteen bars. His verse is flavorful, braggadocio, and most importantly full of character. Plus his ending line about giving a dead man’s chain back to his mom is cold as ice.

DropTopWop is Gucci and Metro at the top of their game and will surely be one of the best mixtapes of the year. It could have easily been a bloated mess but thankfully they limited themselves to ten solid tracks. Moreover, Gucci is rapping better than ever and Metro has brought some variety to his often tired production style. While Gucci does provide some life lessons here this tape is better viewed as thirty-some minutes of straight fun. So play this in your car and bump it on repeat.

 Grade: B

Recommended Tracks:
“5 Million Intro”
“Hurt a N***a Feelings”
“Met Gala”

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