Jack’s Stack: Weekly Comics Recommendations for the Week of 5-18-17

Welcome to another edition of Jack’s Stack! A weekly review/recommendation for new comics right here on Enthuse! Let’s jump into it:

Flash #22
DC Comics
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Penciller: Howard Porter

“The Button” wraps up here, and as the cover suggests, we get the brief return of a classic Flash. This issue also all but confirms who exactly has been pulling the strings of the DC universe since Rebirth, and also features a teaser for this fall’s “Doomsday Clock.” I’m very curious to see the repercussions of this mini, especially on how it will affect all of the “Bat” titles in the future.

Batman #23
DC Comics
Writer: Tom King
Artist: Mitch Gerads

Originally intended to be published in this year’s Annual, we finally get to see this beautifully rendered team-up between Batman and Swamp Thing! If there’s one thing Mitch Gerads can draw, it’s filth, and this issue is full of it. King’s run has heavily emphasized Gotham City as a character, and Gerads excels in detailing this living, breathing world of crime and shadows. Batman #23 continues the great tradition of Swamp Thing/Batman crossovers.

468118._SX312_QL80_TTD_ (1).jpg
Will Eisner’s The Spirit: The Corpse Maker #3
Dynamite Entertainment
Writer/Artist: Francesco Francavilla

Speaking of gorgeous art, Francesco Francavilla brings his signature pulp-noir style and moody palette to new heights in part three of the Corpse Maker. This book radiates with flair, Francavilla uses contrasting blues and oranges to great effect to make figures pop from their chiaroscuro world. Worthy of both the Will Eisner legacy and the Spirit’s name.

Spawn: 25th Anniversary Director’s Cut #1
Image – Todd McFarlane Production
Writer/Artist: Todd McFarlane

Technically not a new release, the first issue of Spawn returns in this 40-page artist edition. See how one of the best-selling comics of all time was originally put together, and witness Alberta’s own Todd McFarlane bring his iconic character to life as if you were an art editor in the early days of Image. This anniversary issue allows you to see every brush and crosshatch put to coffee stained, stolen Marvel paper.

Nick Fury #2
Marvel Comics
Writer: James Robinson
Artist: ACO

So you’re telling me, there’s a book with Moon-Yakuza in it?


I mean, the writing is solid and ACO’s art is cinematic and colourful, but guys…


And there you have it folks, this week’s newest recommendations. Go out and pick these up at your local comic shop or on Comixology.com! Happy Reading!

(Featured photo by Jack Stewardson)

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