‘Everybody’ is an Ambitious Concept Held Back by Logic’s Lack of Ability

Logic is a half-white-half-black rapper, but in case you forgot he will constantly remind you on his latest album, Everybody. His obsession with his biracial identity is so prevalent that it overshadows the album’s actual concept: a guy named Atom who dies and is constantly reincarnated by God as every human being. The problem is that Logic completely ignores the concept at times to rap through his own perspective. Even when he is rapping through the perspective of someone else, he manages to shoehorn in that he is mixed race. The album is incredibly preachy and tries so hard to have a positive message that it forgets to have actual quality content.

Many people praise Logic for being a top-notch emcee, but aside from great technical ability, he is not really anything special. He constantly recycles flows, and is often found taking flows more popular artists, such as Kendrick, Cole, and Drake. He also lacks any real wordplay or diction, which is absolutely necessary to be a great emcee. But the most prominent problem with his emceeing is his overreliance on crutch words. On nearly every track he says “motherf***er,” or “god damn,” which feels more like an improvised freestyle rather than a polished album verse.

To cut through the monotony of Logic’s single flow, there is a multitude of featured artists. Unfortunately, the majority of the features are underwhelming and as boring as Logic himself. Atom is played by radio personality BIG VON while Neil deGrasse Tyson assumes the role of God. All their skits together are incredibly boring and do not come close to justifying their length. Moreover, they hardly manage to tie this mess of a concept together.

Killer Mike pops up on the track “Confess,” but his feature is utterly wasted. Rather than deliver a verse, Logic limits him to just a speech at the closing of the track. This is likely because Logic knows Killer Mike would absolutely body him and make him look bad on his own track. It would have been way more interesting if Logic was reincarnated as Mike’s Run the Jewel’s bandmate El-P. The reincarnation aspect of his album has so much potential that, for the most part, is not realized. Later in the album, God reveals to Atom that he is every human being who ever lived. He mentions that Atom was Jesus and all of the disciples, Hitler and everyone in the Holocaust, and a slave owner and his slaves. All of these would have made interesting concepts yet Logic opts for much more boring perspectives. In a way, this is like a bad sci-fi film that has the potential for an amazing remake.

Logic decided to sing a lot more on this album but for the most part, his crooning is quite boring. What makes it worse is how lazily the choruses are written. But the one track where Logic’s singing is actually shockingly beautiful is “1-800-273-8255.” The title is the number of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and was made in partnership with them. Not sure why they endorsed Logic, considering this album includes two suicide jokes. Even though Logic’s singing is nice, the song is primarily just chorus and pre-chorus with little actual substance.

One of the high points of this album is “Inkblot” featuring legendary southern rapper Juicy J. Logic plays the role of a rapper who raps about lives he doesn’t actually live. But what makes this track so great is the chemistry between Logic and Juicy J. Unfortunately, the verse is way too short, and Juicy J also decides to tell the listener to kill themselves.

On this album, Logic’s ambition and creativity far outweigh his ability to bring together a cohesive project. His flow is so similar on most of the tracks that it becomes redundant and bores the listener. His lackluster singing and inability to write a hook does not allow his verses to be effectively broken up. This results in a majority of the tracks feeling long-winded and ultimately, uninteresting. At the end of the album, it is announced that Logic’s next album will be his final one. Hopefully, though, he will decide to quit after this album, because his next effort is likely to be even worse.

Grade: Did you know Logic is biracial? D

Recommended Tracks:
Pick your poison…

(Featured Image: Visionary Music Group/Def Jam)

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