Jack’s Stack: Weekly Comics Reccomendations for the Week of 5-10-17

Welcome to a deluxe edition of Jack’s Stack! A weekly review/recommendation for new comics right here on Enthuse! This week saw the release of tonnes of great comics. Let’s jump into it:

Transformers: Lost Light #5
Writer: James Roberts
Artist: Jack Lawrence

The wait between each new issue of Transformers: Lost Light feels like an eternity; it’s one of comic’s best-kept secrets. Every issue introduces a new favourite character, mystery, or reveal, and Lost Light #5 is no exception. The next three issues play a pivotal role in what writer James Roberts describes as “Season Three’s Sweeps Week,” so if you aren’t on board with either Lost Light or More Than Meets the Eyes, there’s no better time than the present. (PS: Don’t forget to check Roberts’ Twitter for this issue’s soundtrack!)

Bug! The Adventures of Forager #1
DC’s Young Animal
Writer: Lee Allred
Artist: Mike Allred

The Young Animal imprint continues its streak of quality titles with Bug!. Not only does this book serve as a sequel to the highly underrated Jim Starlin/Mike Mignola event: Cosmic Odyssey, it’s also a rare collab between the Allred brothers. The book has that distinct Young Animal tone and feel. Dialogue is snappy, silly and contemporary, while the art and narrative shifts between standard and balls-to-the-walls trippy. The setup in this issue has me excited to witness the Kirby-esque zaniness the Allreds have cooked up, and especially all the obscure DC guests that will be making appearances throughout the series.

Green Valley #8
Image- Skybound
Writer: Max Landis
Penciller: Giuseppe Camuncoli

This month’s Green Valley is absolutely action packed! We finally see a confrontation between the knights of Kelodia and the dastardly “wizard” who threatens to corrupt space and time itself. Max Landis has created such a unique and compelling narrative here that it’s easy to empathize with the struggles of Sir Ralphus and Sir Bertwald as they actually butt heads in this issue. I still don’t want to spoil what makes this book so smart, so please do yourselves a favour and read the back issues.

Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #6

IDW/DC Comics
Writer: Jon Sommariva
Artist: Matthew Manning

The final issue of this fantastic crossover, we shift settings from classic Batman: The Animated Series cast in the Nickelodeon TMNT-verse to New Adventures Gotham City. Matthew Manning’s art manages to not only merge the two show’s distinct art styles fittingly, but also evolve from the curvy BTAS style to the blockier New Adventures designs. It’s nice to return to the DCAU, and having the Turtles around is fun too.

Titans #11
DC Comics
Writer: Dan Abnett
Pencils: Brett Booth

Since the Titans Hunt mini-series, DC has had a resurgence in quality Teen Titans books. This week begins “The Lazarus Contract” crossover, as Deathstroke decides to take his ultimate revenge against both Titans teams! Famed Guardians of the Galaxy scribe Dan Abnett is on writing duty and man does he know to write a team book. Abnett juggles every player with grace as everyone is distinct and has a voice. Brett Booth’s pencils are cool-looking, fitting the Jim Lee house style. Titans fans rejoice, as this issue also suggests that the original New Teen Titans run is canon (at least in some capacity), yet another hint of this post-Rebirth continuity.

Future Quest #12
DC Comics
Writer: Jeff Parker
Penciller: Evan “Doc” Shaner

The final issue of this celebration of the classic Hanna-Barbera action heroes is finally here! The crossover nobody expected ends with a bang, as the entire cast of Space Ghost, Jonny Quest, Birdman, and more converge on the threat to the multiverse! Comics don’t feel much more classic than this, as teamwork and action prevail over the forces of malevolence. I get a real kick out of Doc Shaner’s art, as he adapts the vintage style and designs of Dan Toth and company into modern comics aesthetics without losing that 60’s feeling of fun and flair. However, the panelling and splash pages in this issue are the real eye candy.

And there you have it folks, this week’s newest recommendations. Go out and pick these up at your local comic shop or on Comixology.com! Happy Reading!

(Featured photo by Jack Stewardson)

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