Jack’s Stack: Comics Recommendations for the Week of 5-03-17

Welcome to another edition of Jack’s Stack! A weekly review/recommendation for new comics right here on Enthuse! Let’s jump into it:

Batman (2016-) #22

Batman #22
DC Comics
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Pencils: Jason Fabok

(Mild spoilers follow if you haven’t read parts 1 & 2 of “The Button.”)
Kicking off this week with Part 3 of “the Button.” Jason Fabok’s art continues to astonish. His Batman is so badass, and this week Fabok gets to draw two equally cool looking versions of him! We also get some touching moments between Bruce and his dad that have been built to since Flashpoint. This is how comic events should be written: emotional payoffs to the past, matched with action and suspense at every turn of the page.

G.I. Joe (2016-) #5

G.I. Joe #5
Writer: Aubrey Sitterson
Artist: Giannis Milogiannis

The revamped G.I. Joe team (yes, that is a Transformer on the team) finally goes head-to-head with one of Hasbro’s coolest, if not most obscure franchises: the Inhumanoids! Do you like Pacific Rim? Okay, imagine that, but with your favourite action figures in the lead, and also trippy ninja mysticism. Worth a look alone to see Skywarp punch a giant, troll-looking-thing in the face!

All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy (2017-) #1

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #1
Marvel Comics
Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Aaron Kuder

Just in time for the new film, the Guardians receive a relaunch! I was admittedly apprehensive going into this run, as the team hasn’t had the highest quality titles since Brian Micheal Bendis took over for Dan Abnett. However, after reading this first issue, it’s safe to say that Duggan and Kuder are on the right track in terms of tone, pacing, and especially art. The colours in this issue are flashy and stylish, and the slightly revamped group dynamic I feel could bring a lot of story potential, especially this new pacifist Drax.

Bane: Conquest (2017-) #1

Bane Conquest
DC Comics
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Penciller: Graham Nolan

Chuck Dixon makes his long-awaited return to DC to bring glory back to his now iconic creation: Bane! Memes aside, Dixon has been a”Bat-Family” pro since the ’90s, and having him come back to write “the man who broke the Bat” is almost poetic. Nolan’s art reflects this return to style, but without any of the embarrassing anatomical trappings of the “Liefeld” era. Also worth noting is that the inking on this issue is killer; every shadow is lush with darkness.

And there you have it folks, this week’s newest recommendations. Go out and pick these up at your local comic shop or on Comixology.com! Happy Reading!


(Featured photo by: Jack Stewardson)

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