Jack’s Stack: Weekly Comics Recommendations for the Week of 4-26-17

Welcome to a much belated edition of Jack’s Stack! A weekly review/recommendation for new comics right here on Enthuse! Let’s jump into it:


Aliens: Dead Orbit #1
Dark Horse
Story/Art: James Stokoe

Just in time for Alien Day! Moon Knight‘s own James Stokoe brings his A-game to this chilling, neon, Xenomorph tale. The line work and detailing is phenomenal, and the design of the ship and feel of the crew is fitting for the “used future” aesthetic. This book is truly worthy of the Aliens brand.


Flash #21
DC Comics
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Pencils: Howard Porter

Part two of the ongoing “The Button” arc and the Rebirth mystery, this week we get some hints at what the “new” merged continuity looks like, and some nods at old post-crisis continuity that could very well be making its way back into the fold. The Flash/Batman dynamic present here is a lot of fun, and it’s nice to see kooky, old-school concepts like the “cosmic treadmill” making an appearance. Not to mention that last page reveal! DC Rebirth is required reading.


‘Namwolf #1
Writer: Fabian Rangel Jr.
Artist: Logan Faerber

…I don’t know what this is…

…I don’t know who these creators are…

….But it’s a book about werewolves in Vietnam, and the art and colours are really pretty.

Cue the Creedence Clearwater Revival.


Doom Patrol #6
DC’s Young Animal
Writer: Gerard Way
Pencils: Brandon Bird and Nick Derington

This is the final issue of Gerard Way’s Doom Patrol (for now anyways), and that’s a damn shame. Way brings energy and excitement to the team that hasn’t been felt since Grant Morrison’s run. You can tell Way genuinely cares about that legacy he’s trying (and succeeding) to live up to it. This book is like taking brain vitamins.

And there you have it folks, this last week’s newest recommendations. Go out and pick these up at your local comic shop, or on Comixology.com! Happy Reading!

(Featured photo by Jack Stewardson)

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