The Shelter Live Journey

On August 11, 2016, dreamy EDM producers Porter Robinson and Madeon (Hugo Leclercq) dropped a highly anticipated collaboration. It was a collaboration that everyone wanted but no one knew was coming. That fateful summer day proved to be pivotal in the lives of many dance fans, and the dance music world went crazy.

The pair crafted a beautiful song entitled “Shelter,” featuring Madeon’s vocals – only the second time fans ever heard him on a song, apart from his solo track “Home.” The chorus of the track goes “I’ll give them shelter, like you’ve done for me / and I know, I’m not alone, you’ll be watching over us / until you’re gone.” The track draws on the stylings of both Robinson’s and Madeon’s most recent work. While a lot of fans expected better from the two, it perfectly encapsulates what the two DJs are together as a pair. Madeon has said, “our intent was to make music that would reflect our friendship.” Luckily for fans of both producers, they did just that.

Alongside the sudden release of the song, the pair also announced a joint tour, putting the dance world into even more of a craze, hoping for the opportunity to see the pair play a once in a lifetime show. Thus, The Shelter Live Tour was announced, originally with dates spanning 17 stops across the United States—what was to ensue was nothing short of amazing.

For fans who didn’t get the opportunity to see the show in person, videos have since been released. The fans who’ve seen Porter’s own Worlds show and Madeon’s live tours have a general idea of stage set-up and the high-quality musicality that would be featured. Porter’s Worlds shows were unique because he strictly played his own music, not something typically seen in DJ shows. But the shows were not a DJ set, it was a live production with Porter stringing together elements as the night went on, including singing and replicating drum beats. The Shelter Live Tour alongside Madeon was to be no different. When performing, the producers didn’t stand behind the same boring DJ booth either. No, they each had their own little production lab on stage that allowed them to each craft the music to be as live as possible.

The live show also saw the duo mashing each other’s music together. If a fan of both of these producers, it may have been difficult to listen to these live mashups without feeling the need to cry out of pure excitement and happiness. Not only was the music mashed together, beautifully, but the pair also took turns singing each other’s songs, calling for more tears of enjoyment and glee. The show also featured the pair coming out on stage to perform an acoustic version of Shelter, which featured Madeon standing behind a mic and Porter standing alongside him. Since the majority of the Shelter dates have already been completed, countless videos exist on YouTube allowing fans to either experience Shelter for the first time or relive it over and over again.

In addition to the song, tour, and a line of merchandise, the pair also released a music video for the track. But it wasn’t the usual electronic music video (mind you in dance music, nothing is usual). Porter is a huge anime fan and a lot of that inspiration finds its way into his music and visuals. As such, Porter worked with anime production company Crunchyroll to create a video that magically encapsulated a deep interpretation of the track’s vocals, and also perhaps a glimpse into Porter’s own mind. The video tells the story of a teenage girl who lives in an imagined world inside the spaceship that her dad sent her away in to survive an apocalypse. It sounds quite dark, but the video is actually extremely beautiful, showing that the girl is able to live out a life through drawings that come to life.

As the final piece of the Shelter project, the duo was announced as part of the Coachella 2017 lineup, but alongside the exciting news, it was also announced that these would be the last Shelter Live shows. Ending the amazing, magical journey at Coachella serves as a beautiful backdrop.

Porter Robinson and Madeon have known each other since they were both teenagers, crafting and sharing music online. Who knew that one day they would be two of the most respected and popular electro-pop producers? The two have known each other long enough, use similar styles, and are inspired by the same things that fans were dying for a collaboration. Looking at the music histories of both artists, both Porter and Madeon tend to shy away from making tracks with other high profile DJs. This one, though, was worth the wait.

The last chance to see the Shelter Live tour is at Coachella, which acted as one of the featured shows on Coachella’s livestream. As the Shelter journey comes to an end, all fans can do is watch the final event and hope for a potential second track from the pair, or a second installment of the tour.

(Photo Sources: @madeon on Twitter)

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