The Boss Baby is a Surprisingly Sweet But Whacky Film

From the trailers, The Boss Baby seems like your average kids film with childish humour and cute visuals with babies as businessmen/women. However, this film surprisingly changes into a movie with a lot of heart. Have we seen this movie’s storyline dozens of times? Sure, but here it is done in an imaginative and charming way. Your child (or your inner child) should go see this flick.

The Boss Baby (4)
(The Boss Baby, DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox)


Alec Baldwin’s character isn’t your average baby. The titular Boss Baby is one who has grown up within an organization that is trying to manipulate adults to adore babies more than everything else. This is bonkers, but somehow it works. It’s strange. More on that later. On an undercover mission for BabyCorp, he interrupts a seven-year-old’s time with his family as he becomes the new baby boy of the house. Tim’s parents aren’t as attentive to him and his needs. There is of course conflict that arises from the two “brothers” because of this.

(The Boss Baby, DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox)

This film is crazy in a good way and a bad way.  The plot makes absolutely no sense. First, why is there a corporation that makes sure babies are the most loved? Why is that a thing and how do they have the technology to erase peoples’ minds like in Men In Black? How do they figure out all these scientific progressions? The film is grounded in some places and then absolutely nuts the next minute; It doesn’t make sense and is in constant conflict with itself. But the thing is…that’s why it’s so fun to watch. This movie actually has a few great action scenes. Yes, seriously. What is typically a standard affair plot turns into something incredibly endearing. The chemistry between The Boss Baby and Tim melts your heart and half of the time, the comedy between them hits (the scenes between Tim and his alarm are funny too). The other half falls flat on its face, even for the kids in the theatre. Is it the same thing you’ve seen dozens of times? Yeah, but the journey is fun-filled, thanks to its comedic moments, imaginative scenes, and surprisingly great action scenes.

DreamWorks has done some wonderful animation for the Boss Baby. In the film, there are cool animation sequences set in Tim’s imagination. Each one of these scenes pop out on the screen and are really stunning to see, especially when there’s a pirate ship involved. They all look very different too. Like in Japanese anime, the eyes were made to look big on each character’s face. This is likely intentional as they express a lot of emotion. You can tell how each character feels from looking at their eyes. It also adds to the adorable flair of the flick.

The voice acting is actually fantastic. Miles Bakshi gives an authentic performance despite his inexperience. You can believe the emotions the character is going through because of his on-point voice over work unlike many other child actors (and some older female actresses) who voice children in animated features; he originally was a test voice for scratch animation (via Los Angeles Times) but was then chosen for the role. The 14-year-old should consider continuing with voice acting because his performance in this movie sounded natural. You also forget that Alec Baldwin is playing the Boss Baby funnily enough. His voice fits the character really well and his performance is just as authentic as Bakshi’s. The rest of the cast have recognizable voices too, such as Jimmy Kimmel, Tobey Maguire, and Steve Buschemi, but they don’t distract at all.

The Boss Baby is one of the best DreamWorks movies in years. Does it make sense? No. But it has a lot of heart, great animation, and a whacky story that is so crazy, it actually becomes entertaining. The crazy plotline, however, might be a significant turn-off for you, though, especially if you think it treads ground too similar with its initial premise.

Grade: B

(Featured Image: The Boss Baby, DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox)

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